De clutter – Sell or donate items you no longer need or want to move. Consider renting a storage unit for items you don’t currently need but plan on moving to your new home.


Depersonalize – You want buyers to envision your home as theirs when they view photos online or walk through in person. To help them do this, remove the family photos and trinkets that you cherish but buyers may not.


Deep clean – In our hectic lives we would rather enjoy life than clean and often overlook the finger prints on the windows or dust on the fan blades. All of these “dirty” marks are turn off to buyers. Help them decide to buy your home by having it as spotless as possible when they come to view it.


Remove pets during showings – Many buyers are allergic or turned off by pets if they don’t happen to have one of the same themselves. To make your house appealing to more buyers, put all pet supplies out of sight and remove all pet odors.


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